Exhibition catalogue & essay collection

As a result of the perennial research on the Great Northern War (1700–1721) the exhibition “Of Swords, Sails and Cannon – the sinking of the Princess Hedvig Sofia” will be shown. Furthermore an exhibition catalogue and an essay collection in English will be published.

The catalogue will provide an overview of the exhibition topics and the exhibits. High-definition illustrations of paintings, precious objects and personal belongings give insight into important monarchs of the early 18th century and the live at their courts, as well as the self-conception of the European aristocracy in the baroque age. In contrast, archaeological finds from wreck sites of Swedish, Danish-Norwegian and Russian Warships tell of a different, much harsher life. Seafaring and naval warfare of the early modern age are explained by examples of cannon, rigging and tools from sailing ships. The equipment of sailors and officers on the other hand gives an in-depth view of the lives led aboard. Art and archaeology are shown side by side and accompanying texts written by the curators combine the exhibits into an exceptional overall image of Northern Europe during the early 18th century.

For more information about the exhibition catalog, please contact the publishing house Sandstein Verlag. To the website of the publishing house / Table of contents catalogue

The essay collection takes a more scientific approach and delves deeper into the subject of the Great Northern War. In 37 articles archaeologists, historians and art historians from Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Russia and Germany tell about this defining time for Northern Europe. Economic and social changes and absolutism in the Baltic Sea region around 1700, seafaring and naval warfare, cultural heritage under water in the Baltic Sea and the residue of the Great Northern War in our collective memory are key elements. Due to the interdisciplinary approach and the international selection of authors the essay collection can be considered a milestone in the research concerning the Great Northern War.

For more information about the essay collection, please contact the publishing house Sandstein Verlag. To the website of the publishing house / Table of contents essay collection