Points of interest

For the first time in Germany – exhibits from all of Scandinavia

Over 300 Objects from 27 museums from Denmark, Germany, Finland, Norway and Sweden are displayed in the exhibition. Loaned by the maritime museums of Scandinavia are unique wreck finds bearing testimony to early modern seafaring. Contrasting the life at sea is the splendour of baroque rulers showcased by spectacular exhibits from the royal collections in Stockholm and Dresden.

The use of modern tablet computer makes it possible: Choose between six different languages and learn more about the exhibits and history behind it.

Interactive exhibitions – Castle Gottorp explores new avenues

The visitor may access all information in the form of texts, pictures and videos via tablet computer. Through the use of NFC technology the exhibition can be experienced interactively.

Six languages available

The visitor may choose to experience the exhibition in Danish, German, English, Finnish, Russian or Swedish.

3D-Simulation of the Ship “Vrouw Maria”

Explore the wreck of a sailing ship

Dive down into the Baltic Sea and see the “Vrouw Maria”, which sank in 1771. Discover the wreck and its mysterious cargo in an extraordinary 3D-simulation.

© Systems of Representation Group 2015, Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Helsinki, Finland

Kick the bucket

500 spoons, taken from wreck sites of the early 18th century and contributed by present day supporters, are combined into a unique piece of concept art visualizing the size and diversity of the crew of an early modern age sailing ship.